January Meeting Friday 12th

Peninsula Scribes Meeting
Friday, January 12, 2018
Sequim Community Chiurch
10:00 a.m.
Program Presentation by
Linda O’Neill
1)  Taking a Project from Beginning to End
Linda will talk about her final poster project in Carol DuBosch’s year-long study class.  She will show the steps she took in finishing her final project — a poster entitled “Birds & Words”.

Birds and words stroked and levels

2)  Akim Cursive
Linda will demonstrate Hans Joachim Burgert’s informal script he named Akim Cursive.  It is a fun, relaxed, informal type of script which is most attractive and easily learned, but requires practice for proficiency.  This script breaks from traditional calligraphic scripts
  •      monoline pen (fine line ballpoint pen is preferable) Linda likes the Pilot G-(0.38) todo Akim.
  •     Lined paper  (i.e. notebook paper, or layout bond prelined before class.
  •     Supply fee:  $2 for handouts

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