Calligraphy and paper arts


Hamma Hamma 2018

Hamma Hamma 2018–several members of Peninsula Scribes met with members of Nib ‘n’ Inks for the annual project day at the fire station.  Theresa Wall led the whole day in making loads of ephemera to fill an embellishment box with a July 4th theme–we made tons of cute things!  Nib ‘n’ Inks president, Karen Crate also gave us a handout with three hands on them to try.  We enjoyed a plentiful potluck lunch.  We especially thank Nib ‘n’ Inks for hosting the entire day!  It was a fun filled productive day.
 Hamma Hamma 060918 001Hamma Hamma 060918 003

Calligraphy with Rebecca Wild, March 8-April 19

First,+Love+jpegCalligraphy with Rebecca Wild, March 8-April 19  



“Beautiful writing”, a simple definition of the ancient art form of calligraphy, is the study of the 26 letters on which our culture rests. In this 7-week class, we will focus on both lower and upper case Italics, as we learn basic lettering principles, technique and practical and creative uses for calligraphy. This is designed for beginners and those who need a refresher course. Bring a healthy dose of patience and concentration as you practice your ABC’s.

SUPPLY FEE (payable to the instructor on the first day of class):

$10 supply fee for left handed students

$15 supply fee for right handed students

·       Ink-$2.00

·       Nib holders-$1.00 each

·       Paper-$5.00

·       Nibs $1.80 each

·       Exemplars-$3.00

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January Meeting

Linda O’Neill did an amazing two part program in January.


During the first half of the program she took us through the steps she used to produce her Bird and Words poster that she did for Carol DuBosch’s year long class.

The second part of the program was Akin, an informal calligraphic hand.  We all had fun practicing it.  It has many possible applications!


January Meeting Friday 12th

Peninsula Scribes Meeting
Friday, January 12, 2018
Sequim Community Chiurch
10:00 a.m.
Program Presentation by
Linda O’Neill
1)  Taking a Project from Beginning to End
Linda will talk about her final poster project in Carol DuBosch’s year-long study class.  She will show the steps she took in finishing her final project — a poster entitled “Birds & Words”.

Birds and words stroked and levels

2)  Akim Cursive
Linda will demonstrate Hans Joachim Burgert’s informal script he named Akim Cursive.  It is a fun, relaxed, informal type of script which is most attractive and easily learned, but requires practice for proficiency.  This script breaks from traditional calligraphic scripts
  •      monoline pen (fine line ballpoint pen is preferable) Linda likes the Pilot G-(0.38) todo Akim.
  •     Lined paper  (i.e. notebook paper, or layout bond prelined before class.
  •     Supply fee:  $2 for handouts

December Meeting

Our December 9th meeting was a lot of fun.  We began with an “Immersion in Italics” led by Genaveve Starr.  We then participated in a holiday potluck. The food was delicious!  The  highlight was letter cookie decorating.


October Meeting

At our October 13th meeting Susan Blenk led us in a review of Black Letters.

Botanical Project

Here is a sampling of Botanicals that have been finished for our Botanical project.