Calligraphy and paper arts



Saturday, May 13th 9:30-4 (arrive around 9 to set up)


Participants in this one-day workshop will take home a journal they have made, teeming with ideas to make your journal keeping exciting, entertaining and more fun than what should be deemed legal.   Whether a subject-focused journal, such as one specific to travels, a recovery process, a vacation,  or a journal that records events in everyday life,  the the reader will delight in “remember the day when” pages that invite investigation into pockets, popups, panels,  and pull-downs (I think I’ve used all my “p’s”.)  We will also look at methods of producing private pages (wow! more “p’s”)  where only you know what you have recorded. 

We will work with various page layouts, distilling an event into a simple presentation, methods of accomplishing popups (some pretty snazzy), and creative ways of presenting something as dull as scrubbing the toilet. 

This is a fun, light-hearted workshop full of laughter, paper crafting, and o-o-h’s and a-a-a-h’s as you construct the endless possibilities of interactive journaling.  An $8 supply fee will help defray the costs of the journaling kits.

Download registration form by clicking here notyourmothersjournal

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