Ruling Pen Class Great Fun!

Learn... by Genaveve Starr

Learn… by Genaveve Starr

The “Ruling Pen Rules” Class with Lorraine Douglas was held last weekend and everyone there had a great time. Lorraine’s motto for the class was “Learn, enjoy the accidental while being careful”, which is depicted here by Genaveve.

On Friday of this 2 day class we learned the basics of the ruling pen, practiced various hands, some techniques using walnut ink and pearlescents and more. On Saturday we switched gears and learned about sink art, practiced with pastels and did a group project using the dictionary and thesaurus. We also made a folded pen from cola cans.

It was a great class!

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Line, Color & Gesture

We had a great class yesterday (Sept 27) by Susan Longerot called Line, Color & Gesture.  We went through the process to make some terrific designs on paper that can be used for book covers, book/journal pages, cards, ATC’s, etc. We hope that Susan will come back soon.

She brought along some samples of her designs for inspiration.


We went through the creation of the designs from drawing the lines with sumi ink, adding circles and other design lines. We then added color and finished with dots and gestural lines.

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