Calligraphy and paper arts


The following is a reproduction of an article that was published in “Peninsula Arts and History” by the Museum and Arts Center in the Sequim-Dungeness Valley in the Summer 1995 edition. The article was written by Edy Redding.

Beautiful Writing an Art

After a couple of earlier tentative starts, a calligraphy guild now called Peninsula Scribes came into being on a June day in 1981. Enthusiasts for the study and perfection of calligraphy (from the Greek kallow, beauty + graphein, to write) had joined together to promote calligraphy. Members of a 1979 calligraphy class taught by Genaveve Starr wanted to continue to improve their skills, encourage one another, and expand their knowledge of the art form. Of the original Sequim Scribes, nine still continue their association with the guild – Mary Davis, Dorothy Hall, Mary Heiser, K. Hinkley, Betty Kimble, Pat Lang, Irene Merrell, leda Roshon, Genaveve Starr, and Phyllis Verdick. There are now some fifty calligraphers, from beginners to professional, who have joined Peninsula Scribes. Because there are some members from cities other than Sequim, the name of the guild was changed several years ago to Peninsula Scribes.

Although the principal emphasis of the guild is on letter forms, some crafts such as the making of greeting cards, marbling, paper making, carving of rubber stamps, the making of simple books, and paper folding are also pursued. Sharing is a guiding principle of the calligraphers as they learn from and teach each other. Monthly “funshops” emphasize the enjoyment of learning as members gather for instruction and hands-on experience int he chosen subject for the morning’s session. Decorated-envelope exchanges challenge the ingenuity of members to design unusual and beautiful envelopes which they mail to each other. A semimonthly newsletter, The Ink Blotter, keeps members up-to-date with the coming programs, funshops and other events.

There are usually at least two workshops of one or two days each year with an expert from outside the local guild. Calligraphy retreats and workshops in other locations attract some members.

(The rest of the article contained details on conferences and contact information that is no longer current.)


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  1. Carole Crose

    Just a wee note to say how much I enjoyed the wonderful sketching class given by Priscilla Patterson. Thank You

    October 14, 2012 at 7:59 PM

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