Calligraphy and paper arts

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Calligraphy Guilds

Guilds with which the Peninsula Scribes has an association (i.e., our members are also members of these organizations or visa versa, we do joint activities, we attend their functions, etc.) are listed below. A link to their website, if they have one, is included.

Write on Calligraphers, Edmonds, WA

Tacoma Calligraphy Guild, Tacoma, WA

Nib N Inks, Olympia, WA

Society for Calligraphy and Handwriting, Bellevue, WA

A site that lists guilds within the United States can be found at: USA Calligraphy Guilds and Organizations. The full listed is available here: 2015 Guild Societies

Zentangle information can be found at

Every year the Washington Calligraphers Guild holds a Graceful Envelope Contest which is open to all calligraphers.

On-line Suppliers

Calligraphy supplies and books: Paper & Ink Arts

Calligraphy books and supplies: John Neal Bookseller

Pens: Jet Pens

Rubber Stamps and other supplies: Quietfire Design

Olympic Peninsula Art and Craft Suppliers

Doodlebugs, Sequim

Olympic Stationers, Port Angeles

Websites for Calligraphers

Calligraphy for Beginners


Scribblers has a document of “Scribblers 50 Calligraphy Tips” that you can access here.


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