January Meeting

Good Afternoon Scribes!
We are fast coming to the end of 2016 and the time where people think of resolutions for the new year!  Out here in Forks, we begin our new year with a “Fun-A-Day” month, where we commit to working every day on a project of our choice and then celebrate our accomplishments with a time where we bring our projects together and enjoy and support each other’s work!
So often, we work alone as calligraphers! And sometimes it is easy to lose track of our own progress.  I would invite you each to find one way to use January just keep track of your own skill and developing vision as calligraphers.
It need not be difficult…maybe begin your daily lists of chores with a calligraphic heading, or write your shopping list in pencil calligraphy letters.  Or, copy the headlines of your newspaper in different calligraphy fonts for a month….overlap them!
We also have a great opportunity to gather together and learn and play with color and letter forms.  Rebecca Wild will be with us for our January meeting!  She will be doing a two part presentation.  Part of her presentation will be a revised form of her story of lettering and her development as a calligrapher!  It may be a great time to think about your own development as a calligrapher! She is also doing a workshop with us.  As you know, she is a very fine teacher and we always go away with new techniques for calligraphy and design.
Below you will find two attachments that Shannon has prepared for us about our January meeting.  Be prepared for a small fee for the paper that Rebecca brings for her workshop!
Remember, also, that for our sharing time, any handmade holiday cards that you have either made or received would be good to bring to the meeting!
See you all there, and bring any friends you think might enjoy the presentation!
Pam Hunter

Letter Stories
Through a visual presentation, Rebecca will tell the story of her own calligraphic and art journey from a full-time scribe in Washington DC to an artist and teacher in the Pacific NW. She will also relate how a relationship with letters and calligraphy has changed the lives of some of her students.
Rebecca Wild is a Pacific NW artist and calligrapher from the Olympic Peninsula of Washington. Her work pairs a love of letter forms with the luminous characteristics of drawing materials and paint. She uses text as a tool for both conveying message and creating abstraction. Raised in West Virginia, she has a B.A. in studio art from Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas. She was an art instructor for 25 years in Portland, Oregon and teaches workshops and classes throughout the Northwest.
To view her work visit www.rwildart.com
Please bring the following tools
Water Jar
Paper Towels
Wiping rag
Words that inspire you
Walnut ink
Small pointed paint brush
6 mm Pilot Parallel pen or similar size nib
4H and HB or 2B pencils or similar
A few sheets of scrap paper 8 ½ x 11 (can be printed on one side)
A roll of blue painter’s tape or frog tape
Bring if you already own:
Chalk pastels or pan pastels (a few colors)
Embossing stylus
220 sandpaper if you are using stick pastels
Bone folder
Following Letter Stories Rebecca will demo an art project.
She will provide Strathmore paper for you to work on.

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