Marbling Workshop

We had a great time at the Marbling Workshop, held on July 26th at Pam Hunter’s studio in Forks. It was beautiful day so our work had no trouble drying and we were able to do a lot of work outside. We were able to try a couple of different methods and experiment with different materials, including a silk handkerchief. Everyone was able to make quite a few different pieces. Pam provided a fantastic lunch along with the workshop and we all had a chance to relax and get to know each other. Thank you Pam for hosting this fantastic workshop. Here are some pictures from the workshop.

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The recipes for the gel and alum follow.

Gel for marbling:

2 flat teaspoons for carrageenam

1 quart of cold water

Mix in a mixer or blender and then let sit for 24 hours


Mix 1 tablespoon of alum to 1 cup of hot water (hot to the touch). Mix so that all the crystals dissolve.

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