Hamma Hamma 2013 a Fun Day

Hamma Hamma is over for another year and we had a great time. We learned a new Funky Fun hand and 10 book structures – all in the course of 6 hours.  A fantastic potluck lunch was provided by all the attendees and everyone had opportunities to visit with people they may not have seen in a year and to meet some new members.

The Peninsula Scribes guild hosted Hamma Hamma this year and our teachers were Linda O’Neill, who taught the Funky Fun hand and 3 book structures, Mary Ellen Wells, who taught 3 books, and Jean Wyatt, teaching 4 books. Our thanks to them and to everyone in the guild that helped. Our special thanks to Sandee Freeman who organized this year’s event, but was unable to attend. We missed her.

Following are some pictures of the event, taken by Elizabeth Walsh. They captured the day very well. Thank you Elizabeth.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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